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The soul is the structure that determines all events in our life. Everything happens as a result of experience, information and energy, accumulated in the past, in the family.

Not to live in the feelings that are there, but to create the feelings that are needed for the Soul to live in harmony, balance, gratitude, patience, love, and that is the attitude.
To have a harmonious attitude towards life processes!
From this, life events change to more positive ones.



You are tired, overworked, angry, nervous, stressed, panic attacks, chaos of thoughts works every day.
Watch this video and put your attention, your consciousness into the candle flame. And try not to participate anywhere with your attention. Do not think or change what will happen in or around you.
Watch the video as long as the amount of thoughts decreases, the race. As long as it remains easier, calmer, more balanced. It will help to recover Souls, balance of thoughts, find solutions, get a clear mind.




Taking conscious actions directed towards forgiveness through awareness, devotion, desire, understanding.
Understand that it is necessary to do this when we are sinful - what are sins and that it is necessary to ask for them and release your Soul!
Why should it be done?
To create harmony - this is the task of every person in this life."



Forgiving yourself:

  •      Universe, please forgive me for wronging my Soul!

  •      Universe, I love You. I love myself as a part of You. With love and gratitude, I forgive myself and accept myself as I am.

  • Forgiveness to other people, to life:

  •      Universe, please forgive my inappropriate attitude and actions in God's world.

  •      With love and gratitude I pray to the Supreme Powers for my (father). I accept my father as he is. I ask the Higher Powers for forgiveness for my negative thoughts, feelings and attitudes towards (father).


A prayer that should become one of the basic prayers for every woman (Man), until all the wrinkles in the mind are straightened out and Love can flow!:
God, please forgive the sins of the women (men) of our family and save us from evil! Learn to be humble, understand, accept and love!
Everything in this world happens according to God's will! (God's will - that every Soul comes to Love through suffering and pain, if a person does not understand otherwise!)


Good morning!
Finally I fully understood the scheme of all the women around me, absolutely all of them and all around I am attracted to exactly such women. And finally I see the scheme in its entirety, why things do not develop and no one moves forward in development.
I have been telling it in detail for a long time, but I had never seen it in such a general composition. What I'm going to tell you is the basis of what works in life for all the women we know, and you have to work very hard on it. There is no other way and there will not be, and it will not be possible not to do it, and you will really have to do it throughout your life, wherever you are and whatever you achieve.
So, the basic mission for a woman is to be a woman, what that means - to be gentle, loving, understanding and fully accept what happens to her, because it happens according to what has been earned. The theory seems to be known, but what is it in practice and what is it, why doesn't it work as desired and why does it break together from all ends???
The answer is trivially simple, but in order to achieve it, you have to change your whole life and stop dancing, to stick to it and not change, but I will follow it very closely so that these changes happen and each of you do everything to make these changes happen. Very seriously and definitely, because the life of each of you depends on it and the common direction of everyone and everything, so that a successful life can be formed - a life in love, fully and fully.
And absolutely everything in everyone's life follows from what I will write. And you have to work concretely and purposefully every day 24 hours a day!!!
Every woman's (with very rare exceptions) formula for failure in life:


  •      So each one has a stitched, created imperfection inside.

  •      This gives rise to pride (increasing one's own value, because there is an imperfection in one's feelings, thoughts, beliefs, actions).

  •      Certain programs of life beliefs are formed, how life should be, the people around you, how it should be.

  •      Humiliation takes place for this (who humiliates? – men, children and surrounding people – life).

Anger, non-acceptance, hatred, lack of love (unconditional love - God's love, we are particles of God) aggression, non-acceptance, evaluation, condemnation - a program to destroy yourself, men, all people, the world and the universe are formed from it!!!
All this is formed and works when you lose God's will, initiative and importance! When the physical becomes more important than the Soul. When pleasure is more important than Love!

Basically, a program to destroy men (everyone wants a man to be closer, but the attitude is destructive).
The more a woman is inside it, the more cancer cells are formed in the body of the universe! (destruction program)(parasite).
The same is also formed in men.
That's why everyone has to work with it on a daily basis and tell their mothers and grandmothers, sisters and daughters. And you have to follow it so that it changes in each of them and creates completely different feelings.
It is everyone's task to improve what is already there, not so much to strive to create something new and beautiful. It will not succeed while the foundations are rotten and destructive!
The more each of you will learn to make this program change and disappear in your family, the better the future and successful life processes will be formed, not from how much you achieve it....
Together, this work is called the fight against parasitism, obscurity and sloppiness!
Read the prayer, this understanding yourself, teach it to your mothers and teach it to your daughters, sisters. Every time there is dissatisfaction with life, a man or yourself, you should recite this prayer at least 3 times. When thinking about the past, you should do the same, you should recite a prayer for each such feeling. But absolutely every time at the emergence of any unnecessary feeling. If the girl is not satisfied with her father, brother or life, then this prayer should be stopped and recited until she goes into automatism. It is necessary to monitor that mothers do exactly the same, but even more diligently (because the accumulations - violations - sins are already much more).


In the past, when I prayed to the universe, I always prayed for something humbly, as if I was guilty, inferior, inferior... with all the resulting "please forgive", "please, please", "please, if you can, help". ..etc.
Now I understand that I don't have to do anything for the universe to love me. Because His love is unconditional. The only one who can judge me is myself.
The question arises: "how to pray to the universe, if you know that your prayers will be heard?", I cannot fully understand this. And after a while I understood.
Because I asked as if he could hear me. For the first time in my life. With the confidence of a woman who will always be willing and happy to be cared for by men, humans and other beings alike.
For the first time in my life, I approached the universe as if it really existed.
When I asked him to solve my situation, I kind of trusted him completely and gave him my quote. I stopped worrying at all.




The diagnosis can be made by the person himself by studying his life and the events in it.

35-40% aggression - a person's life is going well, mutual relations are harmonious, money transactions are developing pleasantly, there are harmonious family relations, inner satisfaction with life, good health. Successful transactions and achievement of goals.

50-60% of aggression - diseases arise, complications appear in life, problems in family relationships, failure at work, negative events in life, plans come true with difficulties, there is depression. In one of the areas of life, you can take away what you want in life.

75-80% of aggression - serious illnesses, difficult relationships with people, divorce in the family, loss of loved ones, friends, money losses, accidents, serious failures in all areas of life appear. Physical body deformations, deformities. Humiliations, cross-dealings, limitations, accidents, failure, goals not happening, chaos, impasse, disbelief, doubt, ignorance.

92-95% of aggression will take away everything in life. And will take life.

Бродя Traveler


Be with us and the Soul will find the way to love!

The knowledge and methods of the classes are based on Lios Aktavio's 40 years of research into the energetics of human, life and cosmic processes and the developed methodology "Soul Therapy". Cause-effect patterns, interactions in deep layers, conducting deep research with the help of telepathy. There are known reasons why what happens to a person, and it can be changed, improved. If there are problems with health, work, relationships, money, family, children, it means that there is a lack of love. It has to be learned every day. It remains to act and change!

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