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You are definitely looking for answers to questions in life - how to get to know yourself, how to understand yourself, how your life processes and common processes in the universe are formed, because deep down inside you have a desire to live differently - brighter, freer, more creative, so that life conditions develop successfully and you yourself feel in harmony with yourself, the people around you and the world. Just like you, I have been looking for answers to these questions. The search has been constant, the paths are very different, because there is a deep inner desire to find the knowledge that would help me understand my true nature, would show me the possibilities of how to get closer to my Soul. The feeling that it is possible to live in inner peace and harmony, bright and pleasant feelings and at the same time to be physically healthy, strong and rich, to realize yourself in life, to fulfill your goals - let there be satisfaction, true joy, perfections and pleasant movements towards the light does not let you rest for a moment. feeling


I want to share the journey that God has led me on - what I have experienced, experienced, felt, what I have gone through, what insights I have had and what I have come to.
I believe in sharing knowledge that truly makes a difference and makes my life so much more wonderful, so that others are given the opportunity too!
Because I am aware of what it means when you search, but do not find answers, when there is despair, misunderstanding, not knowing how to live on.


I remember when I was 6 years old, when I woke up at night I often thought: "What will it be like when I die? What will happen to me? where will i be What will happen to my body? Am I just a physical body? What about my loved ones? Will I meet them?". These questions troubled me because there were no answers.
      My grandmother was a religious person, she went to the Catholic church. She introduced me to another reality, which was my first experience on the way to getting to know my inner world and building a relationship with God. As a teenager, I studied at a church school, went to confession, participated in the chanting of the rosary, realized that there is a God and was looking for a way to know God's Love. I also went on a pilgrimage to Aglona once. It was an unforgettable trip and experience. However, the search for myself through the church ended during the years of study, because I noticed more and more the contradictions between reality and what I felt in my inner world about the Divine world. I realized that my feelings and life do not change much, at least not the way I wanted. There was a feeling that there must be another, different path and opportunities.

      Then came a phase of life when I simply indulged in the pleasures of life, because it seemed that through it I would create the fulfillment of the Soul and be happy. However, it was a delusion. A big circle was walked, but neither pleasure nor friends brought inner peace and harmony, and life conditions did not work out the way I had wanted. The joy was fleeting and not real, and after every great pleasure came only deep pain, self-flagellation and frustration. I got to the point where I felt a lot of aggression in my inner world, dissatisfaction with myself and the people around me, anger that suffocated me. I realized that I can't live like that, I don't want to, and I have to find a solution.

     I was given a path of self-discovery and development through the knowledge and processes offered by psychotherapy. I began to learn to know, feel and change my emotions. I started looking for the causes of negative emotions. During 2 years, I had the opportunity to find superficial harmony in my world of emotions, because I could not find the cause of all emotions in this life. I was not left with the feeling that there is something deeper, because the answers cannot be found only within this life and also the analysis of emotions and organizing one's life without a higher goal - how to get closer to Love, live in accordance with the laws of the universe and understand one's deepest essence - the Soul is not complete.

      In parallel with psychotherapy, I had the opportunity to attend yoga classes. The very first lecture I heard moved me to tears. I understood, this will be my path, because there will be answers about previous lives, the laws of karma and knowledge and processes, how to move towards deeper self-knowledge and God's Love. For 8 years, I studied extensive Vedic knowledge - the art of positive thinking, Ayurveda, hatha yoga, astrology, numerology, svara yoga, the art of meditation, etc. I was looking for an opportunity to get to know myself, but through painful processes I found that I had gone very far from my heart and Soul, because knowledge, techniques, managing material life, ego had become more important than God and God's Love. Pride, aggression and non-acceptance of people who thought differently as yogis grew. Life processes showed that something is not being done in accordance with the laws of the universe, because there was disharmony in the inner world - I felt dissatisfaction with myself and life conditions also showed it - the situation worsened in several areas of life - both at work, in relationships and in health. I couldn't understand how it could be - I meditate, exercise, eat right, live according to astrological recommendations, but life doesn't go the same way and emotions are negative. Life clearly showed that knowledge and practical processes cannot be higher than God.

     The search continued. There was an opportunity to go to Nepal, India, to meet intelligent and spiritual people. In India, I got my palm leaf, which is found in special centers in India by a person's thumb print. The page contains information about a person's life, how it will develop in all areas of life going forward (future prediction), and also provides an insight into a person's past and future life. I wanted to receive a palm leaf because there was complete confusion and misunderstanding of how to move forward in life. I was looking for some salvation - a "pill" that would tell me what to do, how everything would be. I learned from the palm leaf what and how it will be formed. The information was both shocking and comforting with positive news for the future. At the same time, after the trip to India, life began to fall apart and fall apart even more, a depressive period began, the soul felt trapped, there was a lack of freedom to move forward in life, because all the time you wait and know what should be. The information that was given about how it will be was like such a program in the mind - huge and unchanging, from which there is no exit or bypass, so accept, try to accept and wait for how it will be.

     Then information about Kriya Yoga meditation came to me. I was initiated into kriya yoga, started practicing this meditation technique. I was missing a teacher who is present and you can talk to, who observes how consciousness changes, how development happens


And then, in the greatest desperation, I turned to deep and sincere prayers - from myself, from my heart and soul, I asked God to show me a path that could help me understand how to live, how to move through life, which I do wrong all the time. And I was given a chance!!! A girl with an aura photo came to my workplace and I looked into my Subtle World for the first time. Initially, I was very skeptical, but when I received the explanation of the aura photo, I sat and cried because deep things were said. And the girl who gave this information surprised me with her brightness, demeanor, energy, courage to come into the business environment with knowledge of energy Subtle world. I asked where she studies, who is her teacher. I expressed my desire to meet this person.
     After some time, God gave me this wonderful opportunity to meet this person who is now my spiritual teacher - Mirdza. It was in September 2010. Since then, my life has changed incredibly. Mirdza revealed to me how to look at myself, the processes of my life and the processes of the universe differently. Answers came to me, why so far I have not been able to create a successful path in my life, why so many negative tests come in life.

     It turned out that the key to success and success lies in my feelings, thoughts, attitude towards everything in this life - myself, other people, the world around me. Successful progress is determined not by what I do in life, but by what attitude, feelings and thoughts I move through life. It is my feelings, the world of the Soul that shapes my physical and material life, determines my life path.

     You can meditate for hours, but if you judge other people for not meditating, or if you feel superior for meditating, it is impossible to move through life pleasantly, because that way you can only expect educational processes in life. All feelings, thoughts, expressions are energies. I started to get to know the world of energy. I began to get to know, record, control and change my feelings, thoughts, attitudes and expressions. I began to learn to see regularities, how they affect and shape my life. And truly, when I began to consciously control and change my feelings, thoughts and expressions, such as arrogance, condemning people, gossiping, my inner world began to change - it became easier and brighter around the Soul and life conditions began to change rapidly. Those areas of life that were "as if frozen" for years began to be sorted out.

     I started to take full responsibility for everything that happens in my life and to look for answers within myself, with which I have attracted certain people, events, circumstances in my life. I began to realize that I create my own life and I always have a choice of how to live, with what attitude, emotions, whom to meet, in what environment to be. I began to learn to take out of the energy structures what was built up unnecessary in them, and instead create positive and necessary structures. What a good feeling it was when you don't look for the causes of your life conditions in astrological planetary combinations and don't shift the responsibility for your life to the planets, but look only within yourself, when you start to get to know your energy structures, which are formed in them, how to develop them. And all this is real, understandable, visible, felt and you can work with it, change yourself and your life.

      I got acquainted with the music created in the vibrations of the energy of the universe. There was an opportunity to participate in music and video meditations. Such very strong and subtle energy vibrations are filled in this meditation process. They help me get to know another state of consciousness, which I can never enter in meditation myself. It is a wonderful opportunity to get to know yourself more deeply, to feel, to be aware of a different self, it is contact with your Divine beginning. These feelings are deep, give an indescribably deep peace and harmony, a sense of completeness, they lead to improve yourself, change yourself, become brighter and more pleasant. They cleanse from negative feelings, free the mind from all attachments to the material world, allow you to experience the freedom and flight of the Soul. It is a wonderful journey into yourself.
     Of course, changes in all areas do not happen quickly and immediately. Patience, perseverance, faith are needed. Gradually, as you improve yourself, the unwanted structures begin to dissolve and the desired processes begin to take place. I am now very clear that Willpower, Perseverance, Faith, Drive and Formation processes will determine how my life will shape up, not karmic structures. If a trickle of water can split rocks, human will and perseverance can achieve even more!
     I am grateful to God that I have been given the opportunity to meet people who live in accordance with the laws of the universe, live in God's Love and share this knowledge, which gives everyone the opportunity to get to know the true self, their Subtle world, live in bright and pleasant feelings and find a balance between the physical and spiritual development.
     Seek and it will be given to you, knock and it will be opened to you!

I wish you a pleasant progress on your way to yourself,

to the light and freedom of your heart and soul!
Sincerely, Yvette


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