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Человек Прогулки в полях
Аннотация поверхности


To idealize means to attach too much importance to an idea important to you about the arrangement of the surrounding world and your life, and therefore to indulge in negative emotions when real life does not meet this model.


  • Life is too harsh for me, I don't deserve such suffering.

  • A loved one's life is undeservedly hard.

  • I feel dissatisfied with my life, I am in the role of a victim.

  • Contemptuous attitude towards people who have no intention to change their lives.

  • I have some real talent and I'm starting to despise others who don't have it.

  • I experienced that I do not have any abilities - I count myself among the losers, useless people. (ability)


  • I do not tolerate being controlled or limited in any way!

  • I will never get along with authoritarian people!

  • It annoys me when I have to work according to the instructions and coordinate my actions in advance!

  • It annoys me when I become dependent on some other people, circumstances related to them.



  • I know a certain order of life, what are the components of a relationship - trust, harmonious relationships, sympathetic appearance. When something from this starts to fail, I feel long-term negative experiences.

  • Contemptuous attitude towards uneducated, simple, skilled people.

  • Condemnation of people whose actions or attitudes you cannot explain with the help of ordinary logic.

  • If I do something wrong, everyone will laugh at me!• Trying to always make the absolutely right decision.

  • I can't act like this, what will others say? (opinion)

  • I can't refuse anything to friends and relatives. I will not give a reason to say, to think, what is bad about me. (opinion)

  • Reluctance to aggravate relations with loved ones, even though the situation requires it (colleagues do not cope with their responsibilities, do not bring up painful topics in the family, etc.)

  • Negative feelings when loved ones or strangers do not fulfill the obligations they have undertaken, deceive, betray or otherwise do not live up to the expectations placed on them (Trust)


  • I consider my life a failure if I lack money (car, house).

  • Disdainful attitude towards lazy people, unemployed people, needy people.

  • I feel contempt, condemnation for people who don't know how or don't want to earn money.



  • You worry about whether you, your loved ones (partner, children, parents) are beautiful enough or if you meet the accepted norms.

  • Condemn, judge other people for their appearance - unattractive, different from your views.

  • Contempt yourself for some physical flaws that you see in yourself all the time.

  • Excessively worried about any imperfection in external appearance - weight, pumps, physical strength, etc. Controlling the surrounding world.

  • Imposing your own views on others and getting angry when those people don't listen and act your way.

  • You can't trust anyone, you have to do everything yourself!• Constant fear or anxiety about your loved ones, their actions or life.

  • Negative experiences when you are treated disrespectfully, do not listen to your opinion, suggestions, do not count on you.

Losing any idealization, a person feels anger, irritation, aggression, pain, experiences, stresses because he had put a lot into the process.
If a person had reached the goal through love,
then losing it - love remains.

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