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30 min Online meditation

"Restores life energy"

   Welcome  I invite you to join the 30 min Online music meditations "Renew the energy of life" Zoom online.

   The most precious resource we all have is the energy of life. It gives you the opportunity to be in harmony with yourself, build harmonious relationships with people, be healthy, successful at work, earn money, achieve goals and feel good.

   Daily rush, work responsibilities, domestic processes, stress, ignorance and other negative thoughts and feelings pollute and deprive of life energy.

   Meditation is a unique way to restore life energy, relax, return to balance and harmony in a short time and effectively.

Meditations are led by: Iveta Kokoreviča, Soul Therapy,
Meditation place: Internet environment, Zoom program

Fee: 10 Eur per meditation (payment must be made before meditation)
Applications and questions: Iveta, + 371 26423699,


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