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About Lioss Aktavio

More than 40 years of experience in the field of energy.

     The whole universe is in the video and music - spaciousness, freedom and Love - what every Soul longs for. Through his works, Aktavio gives people the opportunity to experience it and get closer to it. The road to it is not easy, but everything depends on desire.

     Lios Aktavio creates knowledge that changes, broadens the consciousness of a person, until an impulse arises in him, until a person himself feels -  to do or not to do, how to do. It is knowledge and processes where there is no program, no framework to follow, no good and bad. It is a self-improvement process that  there is no end, no point when everything is done. The limits are determined by the person's own consciousness and perseverance. 

     Lios Aktavio is a very strong person. It is truly unique to feel how sometimes external harshness and directness is filled with deep Love. A person with a wonderful sense of humor.

Горный Утес Турист



Domestic life consists of very different activities, desires and events. Most of these events are human sins of action and conduct. It is felt everyday as a pronounced suffering, which is both sharp and deep, as well as voluminous and long-lasting.
Tens of years and other lifetimes have passed, so that many accumulations of sins can be formed, which at some particular moment present themselves through various kinds of suffering.


With our actions, thoughts and feelings, we move away from God's love with increased daily manifestations: aggressiveness, pride, cynicism, malice, humiliation, backbiting, gossip. And all kinds of pleasures, if they are excessive. From these sets of sins, energy thickenings with a negative charge are formed in a person, which, when combined, form a series of sins and distance them from God's love. Then, through suffering, life brings a person back to himself (as to his parents) and makes him understand when there is something more valuable in life than accumulated sins and pleasures. If a person does not feel pain, then he will think that everything is fine and that he is the ruler of the universe or life and will continue to sin. The further one sins, the more dangerous it becomes for the human soul, which must be purified by living in this world directly in God's love. If a person lives with a small amount of sins, then he will already be a spiritual person. If I sin, then it will be the domestic routine.


It is necessary to reduce the manifestations of sin in oneself and transform them into God's mercy and love. With a favorable, harmonious attitude towards life. To love any person, regardless of their appearance or gender. Try to understand the other and respect every person you meet. We can educate externally, but internally we must respect. To live without humiliating the other person, superiority, which is pride and aggressiveness in your daily actions. From the spiritual life lived in this way, a harmonious inner world of feelings will be formed, then the beneficial events and people of life will appear and gradually there will be less and less sharp, painful, active experiences. The nurturing conditions will become softer, gentler, more gentle, thus we will become more and more favorable, healthier, more successful and happier.
The composition of the spiritual life must be remembered. Only then will favorable conditions of life be created when we create the world of the soul in love and reduce the sets of domestically sinful manifestations in our everyday life. There are two choices, to be in love or not. Just as it is impossible in life to turn in two directions at the same time on the road. Everything is determined by our own choices, perseverance, patience and discipline that lead to goals. Therefore, there must be goals.


What happens with the music we listen to, and withwhat video are we watching?


Music and also videos are created while in Divine energies where there are no household energies.


A person is gradually saturated with Divine energy, it gradually begins to work in a person and slowly flows into the spatial dimensions.


Cleaning processes began with dissatisfactions, internal aggressiveness, discomfort in ourselves and the conditions in which we find ourselves. We will either reinforce them in the negative, begin to worsen our condition, or, experiencing purification and discomfort, we will begin to work with ourselves, improve our condition and purify ourselves, helping to enter those energies through music and watching videos in healing sessions.


Divine energy together with musical vibration straightens the deformed structures in a person and saturates them with Divine energy. Through this the processes of purification began in the person who watches and listens to the meditative music composed by the person while in a pleasant, high state of Divine energies. Those people who after the meditative sessions feel calm, comfortable and some small uncomfortable changes are slowly taking place, are much cleaner energetically and have less deformed structures in the inner world of the soul!


Meditative music and videos help the soul to enter Divine energy and purify itself. What is on the way up in the soul, you have to work with it, and the main thing is to work correctly, so that it decreases and balances, but does not increase and further gnaw the inner world and torment the soul!

Белое перо

It shouldn't be! If a person does this, then gradually he begins to protest against music and begins to disbelieve in the usefulness and healing power of music and video. A pot of porridge starts to form inside, which starts to boil little by little and eventually burns. Then it is much more difficult to clean. And music will only have helped here - both when a person is working with himself and also when he is not working, but is boiling inside. Because the inner world will have to be put in order little by little, otherwise it will be difficult to expect improvement in life and health!



We create all the conditions ourselves, the people around us are just tools - they pull us down or lift us up! It's hard to move away from something to see something differently! We ourselves, of course, move towards what we can fill ourselves with for the given moment. The greater the lack of something, the more we strive for it, without seeing whether it will bring fulfillment years later. But it turns out to be the opposite, after years it is not valid and destroys the very person who has so strongly aimed for something at the given moment! That's development!


Of course, when you have a lot to learn. And these teachings are complicated, where you can stumble and make mistakes at every step, while we learn and form the desired - the Divine, the positive in our feelings, in ourselves and in our attitude. It takes years, work, perseverance and dedication. You can't change yourself quickly, you can only better approach the desire to change and change yourself at work and not drag out the process. This gives you the opportunity to stretch your desired positive development less!

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