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I have met my teacher in spiritual studies in life, L. Aktavio. For 21 years, I have been studying and working with getting to know, purifying and creating energy. Superficially and in very deep processes. A person's subconscious contains everything about a person in the past, present and, consequently, in the future. I share my experience.


I have come to the point when I have decided to tell about my activity and the lessons I have learned from my teacher L. Aktavio.

I wonder what prevents me (people) from looking, opening up to the vastness, further from the limit of my comfort, further from the abilities of my mind, further from the sight of the eyes, further from everything usual?
To see a leaf of a tree, but to see what is more, to feel. The main thing is not to remake this wooden leaf, which everyone tries to do. Active day by day and massively.
Similar to a helicopter when the propeller takes off and spins, leaving bigger circles on the ground, or when a stone is thrown into water and circles are drawn. In the end, everything just merges, without boundaries. When the helicopter is very high, it is everywhere in the sky. Does the stone, sinking to the bottom, allow everything to merge without boundaries.
Likewise for me, the mind is like a stone in the universe and he draws circles, boundaries as far as I can understand. What will make me merge, a mind that drags me down or numbs me, or a love that lets me fly?
Is it fear or mistrust? Lack of love, disobedience, what is there in this circle? Lack of love!
I feel stuck. Is it a comfort limit that prevents you from moving forward?
It is indeed comfort, but comfort comes from the mind's limitation in understanding. From the physical manifestations of desire, which are often low, bare, familial, economic, confined, polluted......

How many circles are there in the world, on which people grind? Such circles are the whole life of man while he is on earth. Only each has a different composition, quantity and intensity. In which circles is it good for a person to live? Love!!!
Can those in different circles get along? In principle, the circles are basically the same for everyone, but in many combinations, colors, flavors, and activities. You can already understand, but how many people want to feel and develop in it?
What is development - understanding and change? Why does man destroy all living things? Because in his nature he is weak, imperfect - full of fear, therefore he needs to feel superior through manifestations.
What is behind what I understand? Universe, vastness, love, light? This is too much for me. Am I actually comfortable with this?!

What do I need to do in my life? Need to change to another quality!
I want to understand all the time, but it seems that the only answer is to increase love for myself and the universe. Why does a person want more when in reality everything is so simple and beautiful? Desires for fulfillment and their drives.
Why are there so many poisonous plants in nature? There are light forces and dark forces. Otherwise, the meaning of development would be lost. Why has God created so many things that can harm man?
Man is the greatest bastard in his actions and depravity, who must be driven to misery in order to develop into love. I mean poisonous berries, fruits. To teach respect? Rather fight! If he doesn't deserve it, he won't get those fruits :).
Is it not enough what man himself can create by harming himself? Everyone gets used to themselves and then a mirror is needed - the surroundings.
Why are there earthquakes in one place and not in another? Why do malaria flies or mosquitoes live in one place and not in another? Nations are born according to their accumulations and karmas.
Why is there a desert where nothing grows? Does it show people what their Soul is like without love? One single endless sand! Good idea!
Why is the world so divided? Development, diversity.
Why do people live without awareness? It's not. There is greater and lesser awareness, but there is. There is no standing still.
What leads people astray? Only their deformed mind and distorted consciousness, life views, character traits (inheritance).
Why does a person like warm better than cold? Because there is good and bad - the division of feelings and its boundary is thin. When I am in the shower, I am happy and enjoy how warm water caresses my body. I wonder why I can't feel the same with cooler water, not even cold?

For example, it did not touch the frog - man was created for God, his cells are like that. Yes, the first one is shock, but when you merge with it, when you don't resist, the difference disappears.

Warm, cold, good, bad? A person also has this ability - to turn off the world of feelings and then feel nothing. It is one of the 7 bodies of the aura, it can be removed and you can do anything with the body - you will not feel it. These abilities can be trained. Everything in this life is training. What we repeat many times and often also happens and comes true! Where consciousness or attention is, it happens and comes to pass!



The law of cause and effect works in the life of all as one people on earth!
Each of our workbench-tools in our therapy is able to go to the causes and dissolve and change them. It is necessary to change and harmonize.
You can change anything and everything in this life!!! You have to learn yourself and teach others how to do it in our therapy with our tools. People just need to be educated that it is not always or never pleasant. That it can be painful, unpleasant, requires patience, persistence and should be a goal.
It can also be very enjoyable, divine, liberating and creative for many people. Depends on the accumulation of sins, amount, types and attitude towards life.
We create therapy, workbenches, tools and must continue so that it works and results in changes and improvements. But it occurs to many in the Soul that everything will not come at once, immediately and in abundance. To spit on them about what they created, what they did, about life, themselves and others.
Our videos, music, meditation, gongs are able to go to the causes themselves and understand them. You have to tell how it happens. And when this happens, people must be taught to harmonize. Our tools do that too, we just need to teach people how to do it. And through these processes, results, concrete changes, improvements, goals and achievements should be obtained. From the simplest to the most complex.
All this is real if you yourself see the nature of things in life and learn. If you start to achieve your goals and get real improvements, then more and more people will lean towards what is necessary for the soul, useful and long-awaited!
For that, you need to develop, organize and develop yourself, tools and processes. But you can get caught halfway by your EGO and don't want to, can't, and don't need to go any further. It's a pity, but what to do?

Energy is different, consisting of information and energy.
Domestic energies and pleasure energies are saturated with coarser vibrations and a person maintains them, tames them and moves through life together with them. The lower the energy in the processes, the more and more intensely it can be felt, because it has the force of inertia.

For example, by combining aggression directed at a certain distance and love directed at the same distance, the heavier, rougher and more tangible the aggression will be felt more effectively.
The energy of love will be flowing, vast and volatile. A person gets used to living in a set of his beliefs and his Soul structures get used to live like that and get energy in certain fluctuations and quantity. As long as a person changes his views, the composition of energies changes and it is necessary to get used to new energies, perceive them and live with them. They have a different consistency, smell and taste, and when they undergo major changes, a person does not recognize them.
It is the same for you, when there are big changes, then such a transition to energy of a different quality is formed. And that's why the feeling when there is not so much of the previously known, familiar, usual.
Another process where you can use a lot of energy is in the transfer, evaluation and thought mixer of life processes, which is activated by past events, new knowledge, new things and changes in living spaces!


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